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Asian girl, white guy, crazy podcasting! Podcast show on video games, writing, and the crazy mesh of common interests between PJ and @itsOrD as they maintain a long distance relationship.

Flash Fiction:

  • Lust – Story by Danielle La Paglia. Photo by Kanit Dararutana, model & editing by PJ Schnyder
  • Pursuit – Story by Danielle La Paglia. Photo by PJ Schnyder

Titles that didn’t quite make it onto the book covers:

“Alien Rabbits Do Not Approve”

“Hot Melt Sandwiches Don’t Do It For Me”

“Orbiting Discord”

“Mulled Wine and Mechanicals”

Behind the Story:

  • Random Tidbit #1: Author, PJ Schnyder, studied traditional Thai dance. Her favorite dance to perform was the Manora Buchayun.
  • Random Tidbit #2: She really has owned English Angoras.
  • Random Tidbit #3: PJ does train in Mixed Martial Arts. Her favorite disciplines are Muay Thai, Jun fan/Jeet kun do and Kali/Silat.
  • Random Tidbit #4: Ep 3 of #PJatR was inspired by Karina Cooper’s streaming interview in which she was asked about her plotting style using post-it notes, wanted to show her plotting board, and it was inadvertently revealed that she had no pants on. In honor of Karina, PJ had no pants during the filming of episode 3.